You’d start to question yourself with what-ifs.

“What if it was just a misunderstanding?
If only I held on longer, even though it pained me — maybe we could still be together and it’d turn out just fine.

What if it was my fault?
Maybe I was being too pushy, too demanding.
Maybe I should’ve been more patient.

What if he was right?
Maybe he was just busy, and I asked too much questions.
Maybe he was right, he just didn’t have the time to reply my texts.

Would there be anyone who could love me like he did?
Maybe he did it because he loves me.
Maybe it’s his love language, and it’s my fault for being unable to understand it.
Maybe I was just stupid.

I shouldn’t have left.

He wouldn’t take me back.”

I write to keep myself sane. Instagram: @alpinut