Stages of Goodbye

  1. The Leave

People leave, that’s inevitable. Sometimes it can be okay.

What’s not okay is the fact that they would ALWAYS say “this is not a goodbye, it’s only a see you soon.”

They lie.

You heart somewhat just knew that it’s not gonna happen. And knowing that just suck.

2. The Lie

They lie.

That’s the scariest part of people leaving.

They left you with promises they knew they’d break,

But they say it anyways.

And you’d hold on to that promise too tight;

Though you already knew that it would hurt you in the end.

When it breaks,

The shatter would cut your skin and sink onto your heart and leaves a huge, damn huge scar here and there, and it’d leave you with nothing but hesitation, heartbreak and pain.

3. The Pain

How is it not painful?

You grew attached to them and suddenly all that is left for you is goodbye.

You wanna tell me how to not get attached to people you see almost everyday,

People you tell everything to?

And it stops all of the sudden

Just because they have to go?

4. The Questions

And you’d start wondering,

Where did you do wrong?

5. The Breakdowns

Then at 2 AM,

You woke up with this uneasy feeling inside,

And the next thing you know is you’re already sitting down at your bathroom floor and cry.

6. The Heal — or numbness?

2 months later,

After all the pain you went through;

You’ll walk down the street, watching all these people holding hands and laughing,

Not really knowing what future has.

And you’d realize you’ve become someone bitter;

Someone who hesitate and would instantly doubt people who is trying to get close to you.

So have you healed, or have you became numb because you dont want to go through another goodbye?



I write to keep myself sane. Instagram: @alpinut

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Alvina Maria

Alvina Maria

I write to keep myself sane. Instagram: @alpinut