what is a home to you?

to me, it’s never a building with doors, windows, roof.

it's someone's arms that opens wide;
someone's smile that brightens your gloomy days, and make your happy days happier.
someone's hug whose warmth you seek after a long day, and get your energy recharged just by listening to their heartbeat.
it's feeling safe, as their fingers brush against your hair and their skin held against yours.

a home is someone you can disagree with, argue with,
but would sit with you and try to figure shit out because you both know that two hearts can pound in different beat, just like how different two pair of eyes see the world.

a home is someone you choose to share your life with.
and no matter how much damage you caused,
they'd still be there and their love would never change it's shape.

I write to keep myself sane. Instagram: @alpinut

I write to keep myself sane. Instagram: @alpinut